Custom Chromatography Resin and Application Development Services

LSI offers a range of services centered on the production of biological molecules, such as monoclonal antibodies (mAb) and glycoproteins. These services include custom affinity resin development and application workflow development to support small-to-pilot scale manufacture.

  • Custom resins tailored to unique applications based on an industry standard robust bioprocessing bead platform
  • Access to full GMP large-scale (400 L) resin manufacture
  • 30+ years of affinity chromatography resin development
  • Full analytical suite of assays available:
    • 1) CHO-HCP
    • 2) rProA leachate
    • 3) dsDNA
    • 4) aggregation screening by SEC to support mAb purification projects
  • Advanced analytical instrumentation and experience available for methods development
  • Small to pilot scale purification services available

Examples of Services Available

  • Development of custom affinity chromatography resins for small (1–5 g) up to pilot (500g) scale batches
  • Oligo dT, polynucleotides
  • Lectins
  • Custom antibody ligands
  • Scale-up (to as much as 400 L volume) can be offered with our full production GMP partner
  • Full analytical method development support available for custom resin production
  • Ligand density
  • Ligand leachate assay
  • Base stability simulation
  • Purification method development services for small (10–100 mg) up to pilot scale (50 g)
  • mAb capture and polishing
  • Glycoproteins
  • Polynucleotides

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