Custom Chromatography Resin Development Services

At Landrau Scientific Innovations our scientists have a combined 70+ years of experience in affinity chromatography resin development.  We offer a range of custom chromatography resin development and column packing services to support small, emerging biotechnology companies in the Boston area. Our most recent projects have centered on the purification of biological molecules, such as monoclonal antibodies (mAb), expressed proteins, nucleic acids, and glycoproteins. They are summarized in more detail below:

  • Custom purification resins tailored to unique applications based on industry standard robust bioprocessing bead platforms;
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    • Specific immobilized affinity ligand supports, such as antibody binding ligands (rProtein A, L and synthetic mimetics),
    • Immobilized enzyme ligands, such as Trypsin,
    • Activated resin supports for custom immobilization, such as Hydrazide for Ab via oxidized carbohydrate residues,
    • Nucleic acids, such as Poly dT for mRNA capture.
  • Small scale < 10 mL to full GMP large-scale (400 L) resin manufacture,
  • Custom device and column packing services;
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    • 96 Well filter plates,
    • 5 and 5.0 mL spin columns,
    • 0 and 5.0 mL pre-packed chromatography scouting columns,
    • Larger scale glass high performance chromatography columns up 10 – 50 L volume.
  • 30+ years of affinity chromatography resin development
  • Advanced analytical instrumentation and experience available support custom resin development;
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    • Protein based affinity ligand loading,
    • Bead based ion exchange titration,
    • Ligand leachate assays, such as ELISA,
    • Extensive experience in resin stability and accelerated shelf life storage,
  • Small to pilot scale purification services available employing these custom resins.